Right-angle Planetary Gearboxes

Right-angle Planetary Gearboxes

Right Angle Planetary

Right-angle Planetary Gearboxes

The EV right-angle product family is an excellent option when space is a key design constraint for the equipment manufacturer. With our rapidly growing customer base in the packaging, general material handling and machine tool industries, NIDEC-SHIMPO is seeing accelerating demand for our right-angle planetary gearboxes. To manage this growing demand, NIDEC-SHIMPO has established stocking and assembly capabilities in its North America build facility in Glendale Heights, IL. Please contact NIDEC-SHIMPO directly, so that we can help you size your application and inform you which series, frame sizes, and ratios are immediately available

  • EVT

    The EVT combines the compactness and performance of the VRT series with a right angle bevel system to provide the ultimate space saving solution for highly dynamic applications. The ISO flange interface allows for easy mounting of index tables, pinions,...

  • EVS

    The EVS series is the right angle equivalent to the VRS. Compact and precise, the EVS is the ideal solution for demanding positioning accuracy and speed requirements. Equipped with two rows of robust tapered roller bearings, the EVS runs smoothly...

  • EVB

    An excellent choice for applications requiring high positional accuracy and dynamic performance. The EVB is a ≤4 arc-min gearbox that offers a right angle design with a through hole mounting style, making it compact and easy to assemble onto various...

  • EVL

    The right angle equivalent to the VRL series, the EVL provides our customers with an excellent solution when space and clearance are a serious limitation. Helical planetary gears team up with spiral bevel gears to provide a product with robust...

  • NEV

    The NEV right angle gearbox is the ideal solution for servo or stepper applications running primarily in one direction. With 30 arc-minute backlash, the NEV is an excellent cost-effective, compact choice for applications such as conveyors, where positioning is not...

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