Single Board Computer

Single Board Computer

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Single Board Computer (SBC) cards support industrial control, factory automation, network appliances, ATM Kiosk, etc. Slot SBC series are designed with industry-standard ISA, PCI, or PCIe for expansion and support, and also support Intel's latest processors such as PICMG Full-Size Single Board Computer (SBC).

✔ Half Size – Full-Size SHB

✔ Xeon, ATOM, and Core I processor

✔ Multiple PCI and PCIe Support

✔ Mutiple Comport Suport

✔ Up to 64 GB RAM Support

✔ RAID function Support

✔ VGA and DVI output

✔ Wide operating temperature

Power Range

Processor Range:
Intel Core i3 (6th to 9th Gen.)
Intel Core i5 (6th to 9th Gen.)
Intel Core i7 (6th to 9th Gen.)

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