Splash Proof fans

Splash Proof fans

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Splash Proof fans

Splash proof fans with IP54, IP55, IP56 & IP68 rated water & dust protection ensures stable fan operation even in harsh environment conditions. Ideal fans for devices installed in open environment & for outdoor enclosures.

Technical Specifications : Size available : 40 mm to 172 mm Rated Voltage : 12V/ 24V/ 48V Max. Airflow : 546 CFM (15.46 m3/min) Max. Static Pressure : 1000 Pa (4.02 inchH2O) Applications : Base Stations - Telecom, PV Inverters, Rapid EV Charging stations, Digital Signage

● Designed for harsh Environment

● Water & Dust Protection

● IP68, IP55 & IP54

● Long life upto 215000 hours

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