Temperature controller

Temperature controller

Temperature controller is a measurement device that is used to control temperature. The temperature sensor gives the real-time temperature change information to the controller and based on set value, the temperature controller will control output devices like heater/compressor which will help to control temperature. It can also be used to control pressure/humidity based on analog signals and PID controlling output.

  • Blind Type TC

    Delta Blind Type Temperature controller is having different kinds of series to meet various requirements of industries. It doesn't support display function but it is having RS485 Modbus / Ethernet MODBUS TCP/IP communication through which we can monitor/set various parameters...

  • Display Type TC

    Delta Display Type Temperature controller comes with different series of TC which supports basic functions to advanced functions to meet various types of Industries requirements. Delta TC models are available in different sizes starting from 24 x 24 to 96...

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