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Top 10 Power Supply Manufacturers in India


Switching Power Supply is an electronic device designed to deliver electric power to an electric load, serving as a crucial component in various applications, ensuring a stable and reliable supply of power. In the power supply manufacturing industry , several companies have established themselves by offering a range of solutions across the application spectrum. The availability of myriad alternatives at competitive prices makes it difficult to zero-in on a product that promises quality and overall value.

In this blog, we aim to explore some of the prominent manufacturers of power supplies In India. 

The list has been curated considering factors like quality, estimated supplies in the market, and overall experience in manufacturing.

This listicle is for reference only and does not designate any brand as lesser than another.

Delta Electronics

Delta Electronics is a global power electronics behemoth with a substantial market presence and a strong track record in the power supply industry. Delta extends its expertise to serve a diverse range of customers with cutting-edge power electronics technology and advanced manufacturing capabilities.
Delta Standard Power Supplies encompass four distinct product types: DIN Rail, Panel Mount, Open Frame, and Adapter. These products fall into three application categories namely industrial power, medical power, and LED drivers. Delta has been ever expanding its product portfolio to cater to the evolving demands of the industrial and medical segments."

Wago Power

Wago Power, established in 1951 in Minden, Germany is a global automation, electrical interconnection, and interface electronics solutions provider.
Wago Power manufactures power supplies designed to ensure reliable and stable supply voltage, catering to a variety of applications ranging from simple setups to power-intensive automation systems. With a comprehensive range of products, WAGO also offers solutions such as uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), buffer modules, redundancy modules, and a diverse selection of electronic circuit breakers (ECBs). These components can be seamlessly integrated into a complete system, providing hassle-free upgrades and enhanced performance.

EOS Power

EOS Power is a renowned provider of ultra-miniature, high-efficiency power supplies, establishing itself as a significant player in the industry. With over 25 years of experience, the company showcases expertise in designing and manufacturing AC/DC switching power supplies that are not only the smallest but also the most efficient in the market. These power supplies range from 25 to 1000 W in power output.
They provide standard power supplies, as well as modified and custom designs. This flexibility allows them to cater to diverse needs and deliver tailored solutions to their clients.

LUBI Electronics

LUBI Electronics is a leading industrial products and solutions provider in India. LUBI Electronics offers an abundant line-up of rugged AC-DC switching power supplies for the industrial market. The manufacturing setup at LUBI, boasts an in-house, state-of-art assembly line that features a fully automated high speed SMT line .
Renowned for its exceptional power supply products, LUBI has been the preferred choice of leading machine manufacturers and panel builders across India. In addition to catering to the aforementioned industries, LUBI Electronics caters to specific requirements of sectors such as machine automation, factory automation, and renewable power. This enables LUBI Electronics to consistently deliver products of superior quality, stability, and performance.
LUBI Electronics’s power supply offerings include DIN-rail mount, panel mount and modified Din-rail mount variants with a wide range of output voltages and power ranges from 15W to 480W.
LUBI Electronics provides a range of "standard power supplies" standard power supplies" designed to meet the evolving requirements of customers in a rapidly changing landscape. LUBI Electronics is also equipped with a proficient design team capable of developing customized power supply; tailor-made to the unique client and market requirements.These power supplies address key considerations such as miniaturization, efficiency enhancement, adherence to safety standards and electromagnetic interference (EMI) standards, and strict regulations of higher harmonic currents. Additionally, LUBI Electronics embraces the integration of smart digital control technologies, ensuring advanced functionality and performance in its power supply offerings.


Selec is a popular Indian company, with expertise in designing and manufacturing industrial electronics products for automation, process control instruments, power supplies, and electrical protection devices.
Selec offers power supplied in the range of 15-480 W in DIN rail, panel mount and open frame variants. Selec has continuously expanded its capabilities to accommodate a wide range of products in the existing list of offerings incorporating the finest quality and services.

Rishabh Instruments

Rishabh Instruments, with expertise of four decades, is an organization that has built its core competence in manufacturing digital panel meters, transducers, multimeters, and power supplies. With a commitment to innovation and technological advancement, Rishabh Instruments has stayed at the forefront, providing cutting-edge solutions for measurement and analysis applications.
With their extensive experience, focus on quality, and commitment to customer satisfaction, Rishabh Instruments continues to be a trusted name in the industry. Their range of power supplies, from 35 to 600 watts and suitable for Din-rail mounting, delivers innovative and practical solutions to meet the power needs of diverse applications.


Multispan, based in Gujarat, India is a manufacturer of process automation instruments specializing predominantly in temperature and PID controllers. Currently with 100+ products, Multispan products are used across industrial machines countrywide. Currently, Multispan offers a specialized range of Din-rail mount power supplies.


Connectwell, a renowned Indian manufacturer, has established itself as a leader in the field of Terminal Blocks. Building on its expertise in producing high-quality Din Rail and PCB Terminal Blocks, Connectwell has expanded its product portfolio to encompass a diverse range of offerings. By broadening its product range, Connectwell empowers customers with a one-stop solution for their electrical connection requirements.

NHP Electronics

NHP Electronics is a prominent name in the Indian power electronics ecosystem. NHP Electronics showcases key competencies in the manufacturing of power supplies DC-DC converters and battery chargers. Leveraging its expertise in R&D, NHP Electronics has successfully developed an extensive range of Switch-Mode Power Supplies (SMPS) catering to diverse applications. These applications span various sectors, including office automation, biomedical, industrial, telecom, defense, and aerospace.

Shavison Electronics

Shavison Electronics, established in 1994, is a company offering comprehensive solutions for control systems by manufacturing a wide range of peripherals. Shavison Electronics exhibits an extensive catalog of more than 450 products that includes power supplies. To cater to the specific requirements of the market, Shavison Electronics, keeps on upgrading the line of power supply products with innovative and tailor-made products. Shavison Electronics manufactures power supplies 6W – 500 W range in Din rail mount, panel mount and open frame variants.

Lubi Electronics