TP70P Series

TP70P Series

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The TP70P Series is a Touch Screen HMI with inbuilt PLC IO facility with 65535 colors LCD touch screen. This series is having four kinds of models which provides I/O configurations and support various output types.

● Touchscreen LCD with 65535 colors.

● Provides various kinds of graphical objects, including X-Y curves, circular meters, bar charts, sliders, and historical/real-time alarms.

● Supports PLC Link.

● Supports Delta’s controllers, and can be connected to all series of Delta’s AC servo drives, AC motor drives, and temp. controllers.

● Offers two serial communication ports: One supports PLC communication, and the other supports Text Panel communication.

● Built-in USB port to connect with computers. Supports program upload/download and monitor with WPLsoft/ISPsoft/TPEditor software.

● Provides four models with different I/O configurations that support various output types.

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