Ultrasonic Sensor

Ultrasonic Sensor


A special sonic transducer is used for the Ultrasonic proximity sensors, which allows for alternate transmission and reception of sound waves. The sonic waves emitted by the transducer are reflected by an object and received back in the transducer. After having emitted the sound waves, the Ultrasonic sensor will switch to receive mode. The time elapsed between emitting and receiving is proportional to the distance of the object from the sensor

  • Analogue Output Type

    The sensor provides a distance proportional analog current or analog voltage output, allowing simply applied, non-contact distance measurement. The user can change the slope of the output curve using the built-in potentiometer. By doing so, they are able to define...

  • Digital Output Type

    Sensing is only possible within the detection area. The required sensing range can be adjusted with the sensor's potentiometer or by electronic Teach-in (Teach-in button or remote Teach-in). If an object is detected within the set area, the output will...

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