Variable Speed Motor

Variable Speed Motor

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Variable Speed Motor

Panasonic Variable Speed Motor with a speed controller MGSDB2, you can vary the speed over a wider range (90 r/min to 1400 r/min for 50 Hz and 90 r/min to 1700 r/min for 60 Hz). Various functions such as variable speed, braking, normal/reverse run, and soft-start/soft-stop are available. Feedback control with the built-in tacho-generator gives a constant speed despite frequency change. Panasonic Variable speed Motor with two types of motor shafts. the pinion shaft is used to connect a Gearhead (specialized speed-reducing devices) to the standard compact AC motor output shaft, and the round shaft is used when the motor is operated without a Gearhead. Panasonic Gearheads are available with different ratios from 3:1 to 200:1. Panasonic MGSDB2 speed controller is designed to operate with a variable speed motor to adjust and vary its speed. It has an internal speed changer so it, Not necessary to install and connect an external speed changer to the controller. Motor speed can be easily adjusted from the speed setting knob on the front panel. The input voltage can be single-phase 200~240 VAC. The speed controller is compatible with the EC directive and UL standard. Compatible with DIN terminal block which is convenient to install on the distribution board. Panasonic MGSDB2 speed controller is designed to be integrated into a general control board.

● Reduction ratio: 1 / 3 to 1 / 200

● Decimal Gear Head: 1 / 10

● Frame size: 60 sq. mm to 90 sq. mm

● Speed Range: 90 ~ 1400 RPM

● Maximum Torque: 19.6 Nm

● Applicable Speed Controller: MGSDB2

● Built-in Tacho-Generator feedback available with a motor

● High Power factor & Low noise level

● Compact Motor Size with powerful output

● High Torque with low speed

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