Weidmuller Interface GmbH & Co. founded in 1850, is a well known manufacturer synonymous with power, competence and reliability in construction, process industry, device manufacturing and energy sector. In this fast changing industrial landscape, connectivity is the key to overcoming the impending challenges. Connectivity in power, signals and data. Weidmuller Group has production facilities and sales companies in over 80 countries.

We deal in Power Supplies, DRM Relays, PCB Terminal Blocks and Tool Kits manufactured by Weidmuller.

  • Power Supplies

    The power supply products can also be used universally in conjunction with Weidmuller's Industrial Ethernet, lightning and surge protection, relays and semiconductor switches, and can be combined to form many complete solutions. Weidmuller's switch-mode power supplies are characterized by the...

  • Relay


    Whether switching, separating, amplifying, or multiplying: relays perform a multitude of different tasks in industrial applications. They have very specific characteristics and are available in almost innumerable varieties on the market. Klippon® Relay from Weidmüller makes yWeidmuller's choice easy. Weidmuller's...

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