Counter Rotating fans

Counter Rotating fans

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Counter Rotating fans

Counter Rotating fans look like two axial fans connected in series. Both the fans are rotating in apposite direction & creates strong straight airflow. Counter Rotating fans have a much higher static pressure than two axial fans rotating in same direction. Counter Rotating fans are used in devices where system impedance is high & to cool a device at a targeted distance.

Technical Specifications : Size available : 38 mm to 172 mm Rated Voltage : 12V/ 24V/ 48V Max. Airflow : 636 CFM (18 m3/min) Max. Static Pressure : 2400 Pa (9.64 inchH2O) Applications : Communication Equipments, Servers Racks, Switching Power Supplies, ICT Devices, Data storage systems

● Designed for High density area

● High static pressure for long distance cooling requirement

● Minimum Necessary Fan Speed Setting for Reduced Noise and Power Consumption

● Impeller & Frame Shape optimized for better efficiency

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