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EST provides the most competitive controller product and solutions for 35T-500T horizontal injection molding machines, hybrid injection molding machines, and vertical injection molding machines with injection speeds below 500 mm/s. EtherCAT bus-based real-time operation data sharing between host controller, servo drive, and servo motor. Object-oriented programming mode, convenient for multi-person cooperative programming and offline simulation; graphical interface design programming. The host controller sends position and speed references to both master and slave drives and obtains their fault information through EtherCAT. The master and slave drive exchange with each other their own real-time motor speed and position information through CAN communication.

● Dedicated controller form injection molding machines

● Operating system – Linux OS

● Available in 8″, 10″ & 12″ screen size

● Input output : (24 x 24) & (32 x 32)

● Program maintenance – Online update via flash disk

● Data import/export – Flash disk

● Communication (optional) :

– Ethernet RJ45

– CANlink / CANopne

– Standard RS232 Seria Port

– USB Host 2.0 interface

Power Range

24V DC < 800mA

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