Heating,Ventilation and Conditioning

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    Heating,Ventilation and Conditioning

    The three core functions of HVAC concept comprises Heating, Ventilation and Air conditioning, which are interrelated with the need of providing regulated thermal comfort and acceptable air quality standards which should be including designing, installation, operation and maintenance with valuable cost. HVAC system automation provides ventilation, air infiltration, and maintains sufficient air pressure of the building environment comfort in the premises.

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Heating of the system achieved by generating heat within the premises, Ventilation is the process of changing or replacing air in any space to control temperature or remove any combination of moisture, odours, smoke, heat, dust, airborne bacteria, or carbon dioxide, and to replenish oxygen. Air conditioning system provides cooling and humidity control for sections of the building.

Apart from the concept of HVAC controlling system, concern of human comfort is more important in today’s world which is given more priority and to achieve this comfort within the factors, following mechanical systems are used which comprises AHU (Air Handling Unit), Blower/Fans, Heating and cooling elements.

Air conditioning also achieved through reducing heat by the means of transferring chilled Water, air or chemical which are referred as refrigerants. A Refrigerant employed in the system through air pump mechanism or compressor unit must be installed for separate cooling cycles.

System oriented solution in the HVAC filed, LUBI carries Primary and secondary control system for efficient control of Chilled water circulation in the premises providing damper control individually to cater air quality comfortable as required.IoT and advanced automation solution with SCADA helps HVAC industry enhanced performance and balance cost to sustain comfort.


Heating,Ventilation and Conditioning

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Solution from Lubi

Variable Speed Energy Optimized solution

✔ Precise control of Drive speed through Zone feedback of Temperature to achieve occupant comfort

✔ Sequential pump operation to optimize energy efficiency of the pumping while meeting system demand

✔ Prevent unnecessary consumption of Energy when no active zone.


BMS Connectivity

✔ Compatible technological functions for integrated management

✔ Supports emerging protocols like BACnet MS/TP,TCP/IP & Modbus


Improved Performance and Data Analysis

✔ Data Centric Logging availability

✔ Alarm indication in discrete conditions of Faults

✔ Graphical display of Mimic for ease operation

Heating,Ventilation and Conditioning 1

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