RO Water Distribution System

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    RO Water Distribution System

    An intensive demand for producing fresh water at reasonable cost and optimizing process control has become increasingly evident today. The Reverse Osmosis Plant automation enables easy and flawless operation software developed for stress free user interface. Control architecture collects data from system and provides to development team for better system maintenance making safe and reliable operation to supply drinking water in rural areas.

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Reverse Osmosis is water purification technology that removes salt & iron from water and reduce contamination to provide fresh drinking water. Water treatment plant uses reverse osmosis process through membrane affecting water quality and plant performance to purify water which in turns make imperative to implement a technology to process clean water weather industrial application or to convert brackish water, to clean up waste water and reduce salt in industrial processes.

The Process includes pre-treatment of water from activated carbon filtration and ultraviolet sterilization subsystem in which water is circulated through high pressure pump system which need to be controlled taking feedback of water pressure and flow sensors. It becomes imperative to control valve operation & sequence for water to pass through filtration process to increase production efficiency, hence need monitoring of inputs and measured parameters affecting purification system. Industrial RO plant operational data reports of batch production are essential to analyse quality of water in each control cycle.

LUBI offers VFD to operate feed pump in RO system which supplies water with desired pressure in to filtration process maintains consistent water quality and improves production efficiency by controlling flow of water. Integrated PLC operations optimize Valve timing and control sequences with much greater precision to improve fresh water production. The Human machines interface (HMI) incorporated in system monitors easily readable process input and measured information which allows for greater operational flexibility.

Water industry specific SCADA software platform reduces the need for custom programming for data collection and enables report analytics, while advance GSM architecture enables water recharge system receiving messages from user mobile for leading filtration system.

RO Water Distribution System

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Solution from Lubi

Efficient and Reliable Water distribution System

✔ Implemented control system ensures sustainable access to water

✔ AC Drive operated pump allows delivery of high quality water at faster flow rate 1000LPM

✔ Precise control of Flow and Pressure ensures efficient water filtration subsystem


Comprehensive product portfolio to serve Water Industry

✔ Various modules integrated through PLC allow automatic plant operation

✔ HMI and SCADA enables data collection and reports for analysis

✔ Optimize process with Power supply system, Drive technology & Protection relays


Tailored automation for Water industry applications

✔ Systems supplied for RO Plant, Waste water Purification and Drinking water supply

✔ Solution enables connectivity over Ethernet network on IoT Platform

✔ User friendly management dashboard helps reports properly

RO Water Distribution System

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