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Baumer LFFS is high end series in level switch. It is having vertical and horizontal adjustable line in software for precise detection of media. Fully stainless steel housing with 360 degree bright LED indication.

● Wetted parts in stainless steel

● Universal for all types of media material

● Suitable for CIP process. Up to 200°C Temperature

● Available in sliding connections

● PNP / NPN configurable, 2 switching outputs

● 360 degree LED indication on top

● 3A, ATEX Approved

● All Hygienic design


  • Mercerizer Plant - White

    Mercerizer Plant

    Mercerizer Plant in the Textile industry lead to improve the property of the fabric like luster, tensile strength, absorption of dyes, coverage of dead cotton, and dimensional stability. The many benefits that arise from normal mercerizing are, nevertheless, largely surface effects, particularly on woven fabrics. With enhanced product portfolio LUBI provides controlling of fabric throughout the plant with VFD, running in torque control mode for finished product passing through various processes controlled & monitored by PLC and HMI.

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