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Up to 32-Axis RTEX network-based Servo control is available in this motion controller series. This controller series also has inbuilt Digital I/O and Analog I/O. Ethernet, Serial port, Encoder port, and micro SD card slot available onboard.

● Up to 32-Axis Panasonic RTEX Servo controller.

● Inbuilt 8-I/P, 8-Bidirectional I/O, micro SD card slot.

● Isolated Encoder Port supports Incremental or EnDAT, SSI, Tamagawa Absolute Encoder.

● Ethernet-IP, Modbus TCP, Modbus Serial, Trio ActiveX, Ethernet Interface Built-in.

● 125-2000 micro sec. Selectable Servo Update, 532MHz ARM11 Processor.

● Flexible CAM, Linked Motion, Interpolation, and Robotic Transformations.

● Supports Position Speed and Torque Drive Modes.

● Hardware Linked Outputs for Camera/Laser control & Text File Handling.

● RoHS, UL, and CE approved.


  • Delta Robot Automation

    The specific advantage provided by Delta Robots in many applications to achieve speed and efficiency makes essential for the companies looking to stay competitive. Automation of Delta robots helps industries to take leverage making use of its unique strengths and ability to execute minute, precise motions. The common industries ask the challenges they face in manufacturing process today and Delta robots improves the process to fill that gap. Multi axis motion controller optimized with high torque AC Servo motor provided by LUBI enables companies to achieve more positional accuracy and production throughput with the help of Delta robots.

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