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MH Series

Dual CPU: ARM or X86 industrial CPU is used in the Human-Machine Interface unit and a microprocessor with RISC is used in the system unit. The product is equipped with a USB interface so that molding parameters can be backed up and the updated program can be downloaded. An Ethernet cable is connected between the HMI unit and the system control unit. Its speed is 10 times faster than the traditional RS232. The human-machine operating system uses Linux-OS, which not only improves stability but also supports many kinds of peripheral devices.

● Display Unit – ARM9 266MHz 32 bits

● Control Unit CPU – RISC 140MHz 32 bits

● Screen – 8.4 inch 800 x 600 color TFT LCD

● PID Temperature Control – 8 Ranges (control accuracy±1°C)

● Linear Transducer Input – 4 Sets (16 bit)

● A/D Pressure Sensing Input – 2 Sets (16 bit)

● D/A Proportional Valve Output – 4 Sets (16 bit)

● Digital Inputs – 32 (expandable to 48/48 points)

● Digital Outputs – 32 (expandable to 48/48 points)

● USB Interface – 1

Power Range

+5, +15, -15 VDC for I/O board ; +24VDC for HMI


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    Injection Molding Machine

    The Traditional Process of manufacturing plastic parts has been upgraded to Automatic injection molding machine to make production faster, reliable and safe in which labor is minimized and less skill is required. For mass production, automation of molding machines can justify their initial cost and at the same time the quality of work also enhanced. Using advance equipment and automation technology LUBI enables customer to upgrade their machines with compete production line automation through Injection molding controller with Hydraulic servo control and drive integrated solution for energy saving measures.

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