1-port Modbus Gateway

 ● Supports Modbus/ASCII, RTU Protocol to control devices

 ● Allows up to 8 clients to access field data simultaneously

 ● Up to 31 Independent serial ports if configured to RS-485 serial mode

 ● Surge protection for RS-485 and power line

 ● Modbus/TCP driver or OPC server Supports 10/100 Mbps communication speeds


  • Device Type

    Protocol Gateway
  • Serial Port

  • Ethernet Port

  • WAN/Cellular

Type Protocol Gateway Serial Port 1 x RS – 232/422/485 Ethernet Port 1 x RJ45
Modbus/ASCII, RTU Mounting DIN-rail Power Supply 10 ~ 30 VDC

ADAM-4572 serves as an interface between Modbus serial devices and computer hosts running Modbus/TCP on an Ethernet network. Fully compliant with Modbus/TCP, it is idealfor those who looking for an easy way to connect their existing devices or controllers running Modbus serial protocols (Modbus/ASCII or Modbus/RTU) to Ethernet networks. Itworks like a bridge between Modbus serial devices and controllers over TCP/IP Ethernet networks. Benefits are also abundant for customers who want to expand their Ethernet-basedModbus (Modbus/TCP) applications.Networks have become increasingly vital for industrial automation applications, but many control devices today do not have a network port and can only communicate with a dedicatedlocal PC or control panel. Advantech’s revolutionary network-enabling technology is now allowing control devices with serial ports to connect to the Ethernet and share networksquickly and cost-effectively. The ADAM-4572 Modbus to Ethernet Data Gateway allows users to integrate new and existing Modbus/RTU and Modbus/ASCII serial devices to newerTCP/IP network-based devices. Manufacturers, system integrators, and end users can now use the ADAM-4572 to create networked applications to remotely manage and access datafrom control devices no matter where they are.

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