32 bit SoC CPU for Higher Execution Speed (40k steps/ms)

● 24VDC

● Program Capacity: 128K Steps

● 16/16 DI/DO

● Built-in Ethernet, USB, 2 RS-485 ports, Micro SD Card


  • PLC Module

  • I/O Selection

    Mix DI/DO
  • Supply

  • Output Type

  • In Built

SKU: AS332T-A Category:
Type CPU Input/Output Mix DI/DO Ethernet YES
Output Type Transistor HSC 200KHz*6 PTO 200KHz*6
Resolution N.A.

An AS series CPU module is an advanced controller. It provides a strong network function for users, and users can create connections among devices on the network through software. An AS series CPU module also provides structured programming. Users can assign programs to different tasks, and write a program that is frequently executed in a function block. Besides, users can choose different programming languages ladder diagrams (LD), structured texts (ST), sequential function charts (SFC), continuous function chart (CFC), and C language dealt with by IEC 61131-3 according to their needs when writing programs. They can create the AS series hardware configuration by means of hardware configuration software. They can also restore or back up a system rapidly through the built-in SD interface in an AS series CPU module.

CPU,24VDC,128K Steps,16/16 DI/DO,Ethernet,USB,RS-485*2,200KHz*6 Counter,Transistor NPN 200KHz*6

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