VisionPro Deep Learning Permanent Runtime

 ● Trianing license for VisionPro MAX

 ● Deep Learning Green-Classify tool in ADVANCED mode

 ● Solves complex classification tasks very quickly


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    Green Classify Tool
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Graphical & application
programming interfaces
Windows based graphical
user interface (GUI) with
plugin support C library
(Windows DLL) for runtime
and/or training Microsoft
NET library
CPU Intel Core i7 or higher GPU Cognex only supports
Recommend GPU memory of
11GB or higher
(GTX 1080Ti,RTX 2080Ti)
RAM Memory 32 GB or more USB 1 free USB port
(for the license dongle)
OS Windows 10 64-bit
Windows Server 2016 64-bit
STORAGE Solid-state drive (SSD) with
100 GB or more of free space
Supported image
file formats
PNG, BMP, TIFF, JPEG Supported image
1–4 channels, 8 or 16 bits

The Green Classify tool is a robust classifier that can be used to distinguish between different types of objects, identify defect types, and even inspect images. Learning from a collection of labeled images, Green Classify identifies and sorts products into classes based on their common characteristics such as color, texture, materials, packaging, and defect type

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