EPIC Series Internal Gear Hydraulic Pump

 ● Low noise

 ● Multi flow combinations

 ● Continuous operating pressure 250 bar

 ● Shaft speed – 150 ~ 3000 RPM

 ● Radial compensation with segments

 ● Low pulsation (pressure pulsation ~ 2 %


  • Type

    Internal Gear Pumps
  • Capacity (CC)

  • Continuous Pressure (bar)

Capacity CC 32CC Continuous Pressure (bar) 250 Continuous operating pressure 250 bar
Peak operating pressure 300 bar Max. speed 3000 rpm Operating viscosity 10 – 300 [mm2/s]
Starting viscosity 2000 [mm2/s] Operating temperature -20 to +100 degree Max. admission pressure 2 bar absolute
Min. admission pressure 0.8 bar absolute (Start 0.6)

Eckerle has developed the EIPC industrial pump especially for use in injection moulding machine technology and for speed-regulated stationary hydraulic systems which are operated at constant pressures of up to 250 bar. Internal gear pump having axial and radial gap compensation.

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