AC Servo Drive

● High Performance vector control drive

● Compact drive size

● 3 KHz Velocity Response frequency


  • Product

  • Torque(Nm)

  • Watts

  • Brake

Watt 200 Supply Voltage 220V Communication EtherCAT
Control Mode Cyclic Synchronous Position Mode (CSP),
Cyclic Synchronous Velocity Mode (CSV),
Cyclic Synchronous Torque Mode (CST)
Full Close Loop YES    

LNC Servo Driver is fast, compact and easy-to-use that meet the requirements of the present industry standards. It is stable and reliable. Servo motors are high speed, high torque and light weight. LNC EP3E series driver has High speed response, high-precision positioning for quick and accurate movement with built in filters and adjusting functions. It has 3 kHz frequency velocity response to improve productivity.

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