Cylindrical Inductive Proximity Sensor

 ● Dimension: ø3 mm

 ● Sensing Range: 0.8 mm

 ● Output: NPN, NC

 ● Fixed Cable, 2m


  • Sensor Type

    Non-Threaded Type
  • Shape

    ø3 mm
  • Sensing Range

    0.8 mm
  • Output

  • Output Operation

  • Max. Response Frequency

    5 kHz
  • Connection Type

    Fixed Cable, 2m
SKU: GX-303S-B-N Category:
Type Non-Threaded Type Applicable amplifier Shape ø3 mm
Sensing Range 0.8 mm Repeatability Output NPN
Output Operation NC Input supply 10 to 30 VDC Connection Type Fixed Cable, 2m
Standard sensing object Iron sheet 3 × 3 × t 1 mm Max. Response Frequency 5 kHz Enclosure Stainless steel (SUS303)
Short-circuit protection Yes Protection IP67 (IEC)

Standard Type Cylindrical Inductive Proximity Sensors with Improved Basic Performance, The GX-303S boasts a response frequency of 5 kHz and realizes high speed response. The response frequency of other sensor models has been also improved by up to 4 times as compared to our conventional models. Since the GX-300 series responds quickly to sensor ON/OFF judgment, it works well with a high-speed application and contributes to the reduction of equipment cycle time.

The M8 / M12 / M18 / M30 threaded type sensors are available in standard sensing range type or long sensing range type. If the distance to the sensing object changes due to equipment vibration or time-related degradation, the sensor may generate sensing errors including sensing failure in some cases. If the sensor is set up very close to the sensing object for the purpose of preventing detecting failures, the sensor may contact the sensing object and cause damage. Indicator visible 360 degrees, The indicator is conveniently visible from any direction, thus facilitating installation check and operation confirmation.

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