M5800D (V)

Milling Controller

✔ Fieldbus type controller

✔ Supports standard G & M Codes

✔ DA Output

✔ Industry 4.0 Compliance


  • Machine

  • Type

  • Application

  • Axis

  • Display Size

M5800D (V)
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Screen Size 8″ Fieldbus Type Yes MPG Port Yes
Inbuilt IO 16I x 16O Expandable IO 128I x 128O Front USB Port Yes
EtherNET Port Yes MOP Yes Memory 1 GB
Path 1 Servo Axis Control
3 Spindle Axis (max) 1

M5800D (V) milling controller is an advanced controller and it can be used for Multi Axes machines like VMC, Boring, HMC & SPM. It communicates through Fieldbus EtherCAT protocol in order to implement Industry 4.0. The controllers carry an EtherCAT Fieldbus system which is able to connect more intelligent sensor models in real-time, therefore a controller is capable to handle multiple machines and become a small workstation. The series reaches high-speed, high-precision, and high-performance processing solution.

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