Factory Energy Management Solution

 ● Intact data guaranteed by store and forward when communication fails

 ● Remote real-time monitoring, smart alarms

 ● Report statistics and intelligent analysis

 ● Easy maintenance of backend via simple management

 ● Mobile Devices Support for Monitoring Anywhere


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Advantech factory energy management solution aims to save energy costs, reduce maintenance, and increase production. It provides the hardware and software needed to establish an efficient energy management system. This solution adopts an acquisition gateway which supports multi-protocols and multi-network communications to accurately target high energy consuming devices and factory facilities

● Highly stable and reliable centralized monitoring and management system for key energy consumption equipment

● Easy to understand data indicators via intuitive graphical display

● Smart alarm notification through SMS, e-mail

● Complete energy consumption statistics and analysis tool to capture energy waste and reduce energy costs

● Unified and flexible central management system for integrating existing systems

● Cross browser and platform support powered by the WebAccess Dashboard

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