Delta Economy Vector Control Drive

 ● Simple and fast installation, parameter setting, and tuning

 ● Flexible and user-friendly interface

 ● Built-in 5 K steps PLC programming capability

 ● Enhanced conformal coating on PCB and thermal design


  • Supply Type (Ø)

    1-Phase, 230V
  • KW

  • Rated output current

SKU: VFD015CB21A-20 Category:
KW 1.5KW HP 2HP Input Supply 1-Phase, 230V
Output Current 8Amp. Braking Chopper Built in Output Frequency (HZ) 0 to 599.00 Hz
PID Function Built in PLC Function Built-in PLC (5k steps) MODBUS COM Built in
DeviceNet NA Modbus TCP NA EtherNet/IP NA
EtherCAT NA BACnet NA PG Close Loop Built in (With Two High speed input capacity 33 khz)
KEYPAD Built in Detachable Control Mode V / F, V / F+PG, SVC, FOC Sensorless,
FOC+PG, PM Sensorless*,
TQC+PG, TQC Sensorless

● Built-in PLC program with 5,000 steps capacity

● Built-in brake chopper

● MODBUS RS-485 and CANopen (Slave)

● The high-brightness LED keypad shares the same extension cable of the VFD-E/M/B Series to maximize operation distance

● Supports open loop control of permanent motors (PM Sensorless)

● Two high speed pulse input terminals MI7 and MI8 built-in with maximum speed up to 33kHz

● Two high speed pulse output terminals DFM1 and DFM2 built-in with maximum speed up to 33kHz

● New PCB coating for circuit (IEC 60721-3-3 class 3C2) and thermal design suitable for harsh environment applications

● C200 Series Frame A supports wall mounted installation

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