Servo Spindle Drive GH Series

Servo Spindle Drive GH Series

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Servo Spindle Drive GH Series

GH series servo driver produced by CTB with self-development is the top level in the world. With advance design, comprehensive function, popularly application, it is the first choice for mechanical control. GH series servo spindle driver realized full closed loop servo control of Z18 Servo Spindle, centralizing on speed control, position control and torque control

GH series servo driver offer mechanical design engineer huge convenience in choosing, designing, debugging for it is with the advantage of abundant interface, simple operation and if it is standard application, it need not to use debugging. It can easy to interface with the numerical control brands system home and aboard, therefore can make your CNC more smart, showing the advantage of competition

● GH series servo driver can perfectly realize V/F control of Servo Spindle Motor

● Open-loop vector control, full closed loop vector control

● Smooth running with ultra-low speed and big torque output

● Effectively improve the dynamic response of the load changes

● Drive current reach minimum value when No-loadrunning, achieve maximum energy saving drive.

● EtherCAT Fieldbus communication protocol

● Position control, higher precision of torque control

● Optimization of current vector algorithm and hardware configuration make stronger overload abilityof the drive


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