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Perfectly compatible with the mounting dimensions of its predecessor, the VSRF Series. Enhancements on the gear design led to improvements on torque, efficiency and quiet operation

● Reduction Ratio: 1/3-1/81

● Backlash (3 Types)

● PB: 0.05° (below 3 min)

● LB: 0.08° (below 5 min)

● Standard: 0.25° (below 15 min)

● LB: 166° (below 10 min)

● For Frame B in the spec table

●New gear design with a fully-complementing roller bearing structure for increased torque transmission

● Maximum high input speed at 6,000 spm

● High-performance grease for higher efficiency

● 3 backlash levels available

● Compatible with all types of servomotors with the use of adaptors

● Grease replacement is not required throughout the product’s lifetime; can be installed at any desired angle without worry of leakage


  • Welding solution for Automative Industry

    Welding Solution For Automotive Industry

    The leading edge technology in welding application for automotive industry has become essential today making new combination of Auto body Parts. Innovative welding technique enables automotive manufacturer focus on welding process to joint lighter yet strong and fuel efficient vehicle parts employing lightweight materials. Welding solution of LUBI in automotive industry offers manufacturers flexible and sustainable welding development with the help of advance automation products and high precision mechanical parts for complex corrosive environments.

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