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Perfectly compatible with the mounting dimensions of its predecessor, the VSRF Series. Enhancements on the gear design led to improvements on torque, efficiency and quiet operation

✔ Reduction Ratio: 1/3-1/81 ✔ Backlash (3 Types): ✔ PB: 0.05° (below 3 min) ✔ LB: 0.08° (below 5 min) ✔ Standard: 0.25° (below 15 min) ✔ LB: 166° (below 10 min) ✔ for Frame B in the spec table

✔ New gear design with a fully-complementing roller bearing structure for increased torque transmission

✔ Maximum high input speed at 6,000 spm

✔ High-performance grease for higher efficiency

✔ 3 backlash levels available

✔ Compatible with all types of servomotors with the use of adaptors

✔ Grease replacement is not required throughout the product’s lifetime; can be installed at any desired angle without worry of leakage

Lubi Automation