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DTM series is a Multi-channel Modular Temperature Controller which is designed to meet the complexity of temperature control applications. The DTM Series is a combination of a host, measurement modules, I/O extension modules, and extension cards. DTM supports host plus 7 measurement modules and 8 I/O extension modules suitable to control up to 64 points of temperature control. We can connect several DTM groups with PLC or SCADA or HMI via RS-485 or Ethernet for temperature control of up to 1,000 points or more. There is complete isolation between channels which helps to improve communication speed and stability. It is suitable for advanced and complex type temperature control applications.

● Modular design for easy wiring

● Supports host plus 7 measurement modules plus 7 extension modules to control 64 points, temperature controller.

● Supports Ethernet (MODBUS TCP/IP & Ethernet IP) and RS-485 MODBUS ASCII/RTU communication.

● Maximum 115200 bps we can use with MODBUS communication.

● Data collection by hosts for highly efficient data exchange User-defined communication addresses

● Complete isolation between channels

● Input Type: Analog / Thermocouple / Platinium RTD

● Output Type: Relay / Voltage Pulse / Analog

● CT-Input

● Sampling Rate: 0.1Sec per 8 sets of Input

● PID, ON/OFF, programmable PID, or manual control are available.

● PID auto-tuning

● Programmable control for 8 patterns and 8 steps in each pattern.

● 12 modes ready for alarm output

● °C or °F for the temperature unit

● DIN rail Installation Method

● Mini-USB port for Programming





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