Intelligent Process Control System for Fermentor Industry

  • Fermentor Plant Automation

    Intelligent Process Control System for Fermentor Industry

    Industrial fermentation involves metabolic process that makes changes in organic substance through action of enzymes and produces organic and citric acid as well. The fermentation process becomes essential for Food & beverage and Pharmaceutical industries to add taste and color while chemical reaction in other industries. Automation carried out for the Fermenter vessels processes many of the industrial substance to enable chemical reaction converted into final outcome needed for product development.

Machine concept

Industrial fermentation process involves many chemical substances for batch processing in which a batch of organic medium in a fermenter is inoculated with a microorganism. The fermentation proceeds for the certain period of time falling between 4 to 5 days making imperative to optimize data and analyze for the same. In fed-batch fermentations, sterile culture medium is added either continuously or periodically to the inoculated fermentation batch then the product is harvested which is used in various F & B and Pharmaceutical industries

Prior to start the exact fermentation all the feed lines as well as inside of the large tank has been washed with clean water and later cleaned with direct steam flow encountered to sterilization. Base medium then added primarily in the vessels with specific atmospheric conditions and later actual microorganism added either once or periodically initiating fermentation process to start.. The variables like temperature, pressure, level, dissolved oxygen in the medium and pH also need to be measure and maintain for effective fermentation cycle.

Fermentation process needs many levels of automation from minimal interlocking to fully automated operations and can be carried out by examining overall design considerations and process objectives to determine the degree of automation required to achieve this objective.

Traditional fermentation process is becoming bottle neck because of the low efficiency and high cost of human labor. An intelligent automated fermentation system with overall design consideration and process objectives offered by LUBI which determines the degree of automation required to achieve the effective fermentation plant. Solution deploys redundant modular PLC control system for effective operation, wireless multi sensor Data acquisition system to achieve low cost and convenient production It also provides intelligent SCADA system for monitoring factory status and command operations in the plant transferring online data base to cloud system to enhance remote analysis of batch reports making flexible and reliable effective plant promising for relieving human labor and increasing productivity.Fermentor Plant Automation

Visual LayoutFermentor Plant Automation

Solution from LUBI

Accurate Control to optimize culture’s growing environment

✔ Provides 0.1 degree temperature control accuracy with modular controller

✔ Precise pH control (base and acid) with pumps or CO2

✔ Set point and Integral Dead band control


Proven automation system proved to be successful and promising

✔ Accurate control of variable speed pumps in combination with scales

✔ Multi-point calibration curves for low-flow variable speed pumps

✔ Set point profiles for all control elements and control loops with enhanced PLC performance


Field Upgradeable & Maintainable Fermentation

✔ Intelligent SCADA system makes operation customised and flexible

✔ Open software includes code and batch report generation

✔Multiple user interface with different Password levels for limited accessibility

Fermentor Plant Automation

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