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IS580 High-performance Hydraulic Servo drive for closed-loop pressure and flow control for injection molding application. It has an internal DC reactor, which complies with the EN 61800-d category. Enhanced reliability with comfortable coating, and protection against humidity and dust pollution. Drive cab to be programmed and motored by PC-based software for simplified startup and backup. Operation in the high ambient temperature of 50 C degrees.

● Dedicated servo drive for plastic injection molding machine

● Built-in multi-pump configuration

● Servo drive for PMSM

● Start-up torque 180% at 0Hz for FVC

● Simplified parameters for easy start-up

● Flexible programmable I/Os

● Comprehensive trip diagnostics

● Output frequency 300Hz

● Communication (optional) : Modbus-RTU, CANlink / CANopen, PROFIBUS-DP

Power Range

380~480V/3 ~ Phase 11 to 160kW

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