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IS580 High-performance Hydraulic Servo drive for closed-loop pressure and flow control for injection molding application. It has an internal DC reactor, which complies with the EN 61800-d category. Enhanced reliability with comfortable coating, and protection against humidity and dust pollution. Drive cab to be programmed and motored by PC-based software for simplified startup and backup. Operation in the high ambient temperature of 50 C degrees.

● Dedicated servo drive for plastic injection molding machine

● Built-in multi-pump configuration

● Servo drive for PMSM

● Start-up torque 180% at 0Hz for FVC

● Simplified parameters for easy start-up

● Flexible programmable I/Os

● Comprehensive trip diagnostics

● Output frequency 300Hz

● Communication (optional) : Modbus-RTU, CANlink / CANopen, PROFIBUS-DP

Power Range

380~480V/3 ~ Phase 11 to 160kW


  • Injection Molding Machine

    The Traditional Process of manufacturing plastic parts has been upgraded to Automatic injection molding machine to make production faster, reliable and safe in which labor is minimized and less skill is required. For mass production, automation of molding machines can justify their initial cost and at the same time the quality of work also enhanced. Using advance equipment and automation technology LUBI enables customer to upgrade their machines with compete production line automation through Injection molding controller with Hydraulic servo control and drive integrated solution for energy saving measures.

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