New Series of bipolar microstep stepping motor

 ● Stepping motor drive open-frame advanced type with screw-type connectors

 ● Electronic damping facility for further acoustic noise and mechanic vibrations reduction

 ● Automatic current reduction at motor standstill


  • Voltage Supply

    DC Voltage
  • Voltage Range

    24 to 48 Vdc
  • Drive Type

    Open PCB
  • Version

    Step & Direction Advanced
SKU: A-CSD04.V Category:
Version Step & Direction Advanced Drive Type Open PCB Voltage Supply DC Voltage
Voltage Range 24 to 48 Vdc Current Range 2.6 A to 4.4 A Dimensions (mm) 92x85x23

● Significant evolution of the CSD series, preserving backward mechanical, electrical, and applicative compatibility.

● Full digital microstepping drive.

● Adaptive microstepping up to 3.200 step/rev.

● Intelligent management of the current profile that achieves good results in terms of smoothness of movement, low noise, and vibration control.

● A highly sophisticated control system, preserving anyhow the traditional ease of use of R.T.A. drives.

● UL Recognized

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