AF050C120 (A6_2kW)

 Compact Actuator Directly Mounted with Servo motor

 ● High rigidity and High impact resistance

 ● High output torque and High durability

 ● Low vibration

 ● Wide reduction ratio range

 ● Flat and Compact

 ● High precision positioning (precise rotation)


  • Gear Type

    Servo Actuator
  • Shaft Type

    Hollow shaft
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w number (kw) 2 Ratio 120 Rated Output Speed (r.p.m.) 15
Backlash(arc.min.) less than 1 Lost Motion(arc.min.) less than 1 Torsional Regidity(Nm/arc.min.) 588
Moment Rejidity(Nm/arc.min.) 4263

The AF series is a compact actuator directly amounted servomotor, which is succeeded to features of Precision Reduction Gear RV, “High accuracy”, “High rigidity”and “High reliablity”. The design for AF series allows to reduce consideration of design for gear and motor, and assembly in customers.

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