DataMan DM475V DPM S Model barcode verifier

 ● FOV 35x29mm

 ● 3.75 min x-dim

 ● DPM inline verifier with integrated multi-quadrant lighting

 ● Compliance with ISO/IEC


  • Code Reader Type

    Code Verifier
  • Resolution

  • Communication

  • Lens

    35 mm
  • Lens Type

    Fixed Focus
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Symbologies 1D: UPC/EAN,
Code 128, Code 39
2D: Data Matrix (ECC 200),
QR Code, Micro QR Code
Field of View 35 x 29 mm Image Sensor 5 MP (2448 x 2048 pixels)
Lighting 660 nm, 45°, 4-quadrant
660 nm, 30°, 1-quadrant,
2 quadrant, 4-quadrant
660 nm, 90°
Communications Ethernet Power Consumption 24 VDC±10%,
Protection IP65 Industry Standards
ISO/IEC 15415,ISO/IEC 15416,
ISO/IEC TR 29158,
ISO/IEC 15426-1,
ISO/IEC 15426-2
Application Standards GS1, MIL-STD 130 UID,
UDI, HIBCC, ISO 15434,
Russian Crypto-Code,
Custom Application Standards

● The ability to illuminate codes on textured, curved, and highly reflective surfaces

● One click toggling between nine different lighting angle options (30S, 30Q, 30T, 45, and 90-degrees)

● Fast setup between parts using the software’s intuitive focus feedback tool

● Detailed diagnostics and individual reports for each code, so much more is provided than just a letter grade

● Compliance with ISO/IEC TR 29158, ISO/IEC 15415, and ISO/IEC 15426-2

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