Lens for Fiber Head (Diffuse Type Fiber)

 ● Parallel Light Lens,

 ● Spot Dia. ø4 mm,

 ● Sensing Range : 0 to 30 mm


  • Type

    Parallel Light Lens
  • Sensing Range

    0 to 30 mm
  • Beam Spot Diameter

    4 mm
SKU: FX-MR9 Category:
Type Parallel Light Lens Shape Sensing Range 0 to 30 mm
Sensing Width Digital Dispaly Output
Output Operation Input supply Emitting Element
Bending Radius Connection Type Beam Spot Diameter ø4 mm
Timer Function Response Time Sensitivity setting
Enclosure Protection Beam axis dia.(mm)
Beam axis position /
Inclination of beam axis
Ambient temp Particular Characteristics

 ● Sensing of minute objects can be performed by combining the fiber and spot lens. The spot diameter can also be changed.

 ● Featuring an extensive selection of spot diameters and the ability to save space when used with square head fiber

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