GR Series Internal Gear Hydraulic Pump

 ● Low noise also at high speed

 ● Cost saving by eliminating second noise reduction measures.

 ● Shaft speed – 150 ~ 3000 RPM

 ● Average of 15dB(A) less noisy than standard external gear pumps.


  • Type

    Helical Gear Pump
  • Capacity (CC)

  • Continuous Pressure (bar)

Capacity CC 40CC Continuous Pressure (bar) 225 Shaft speed From 150 to 6.500 rpm
Flows From 6 L/min up to 300 L/min (at 1500 rpm) Operating pressure Max. Continuous: 275 bar/3,988.5 PSI Max.
Cycle ON/OFF: 280 bar/4,061 PSI Max.
Peak: 300 bar/4,351.1 PSI
Inlet pressure 0.6– 3 bar
Environmental temperature From -15°C up to +60°C Oil temperature From -20°C up to +80°C Average Noise 15dB(A)
Installation Position External and/or under oil Fluid – Mineral oil – Synthetic oil

Very low pump pulsations reduce dramatically also vibrations with no dispersion of energy. Saving money respect to the more expensive traditional pumps such as piston pumps and internal gear pumps.

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