Amplifier-separated Digital Laser Sensor

 ● Laser Sensor Head

 ● Retro-reflective Type

 ● Sensing Range:0.1 to 7m,

 ● Laser Class 2


  • Amplifier Type

    Laser Sensor Head (Amplifier Separated)
  • Sensor Type

    Retro-reflective Type Sensor Head
  • Shape

  • Sensing Range

    0.1 to 7 m
  • Connection Type

    Fixed Cable, 2m
SKU: LS-H91 Category:
Type Retro-reflective Shape Rectangular Sensing Range 0.1 to 7 m
Repeatability Digital Display Output
Output Operation Input supply Emitting Element Red Semiconductor Laser Class 2
Connection Type Fixed Cable, 2m Sensing Object Size Beam Spot Diameter ø1 mm at 1 m
Timer Function Response Time Enclosure PBT
Protection IP40 (IEC) Particular Characteristics Amplifier-separated Type

User-friendly, high precision laser sensing! The mounting pitch for sensor heads is 25.4 mm 1.000 in, the same industry standard as the CX-400 series Ver.2 general purpose photoelectric sensors. Hence, existing mounting brackets can be used even when replacing general purpose sensors with laser sensors. A spot-size adjuster is built into the back of the sensor head allowing the user to adjust the sensor easily while viewing the spot. The adjuster is adjustable with a screwdriver to avoid accidents during maintenance or any other time the sensors are handled.

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