Ultra-thin absolute type Resolver

 ● 3X-VRX

 ● Lead wire type

 ● Frame size 25mm


  • Input Voltage

    AC7 Vrms
  • Frequency

    10 kHz
  • Inner Diamater

    6.00 mm
  • Max. Speed (RPM)

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Input Voltage AC7 Vrms Frequency 10 kHz Transformation ratio [K] 0.286±10%
Maximum speed (RPM) 30000 Inner Diameter 6.00 mm Operating Temp. Range -40 ~ +150?

The Singlsyn resolver has higher reliability and can be produced at a lower cost as it does not have a coil on its rotor. Forming the rotor core into a special shape and changing the width of the gap between the rotor core and the stator core generates changes in the amplitude of the output voltage. The Singlsyn can be installed in a minimal amount of space due to the ultra-thin structure of the built-in model.

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