Brushless type Resolver

 ● 1X- BRX

 ● Built-in type

 ● Size 21


  • Input Voltage

    AC5 Vrms
  • Frequency

    4 kHz
  • Inner Diamater

    12.50 mm
  • Max. Speed (RPM)

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Input Voltage AC5 Vrms Frequency 4 kHz Transformation ratio [K] 0.5±5%
Maximum speed (RPM) 6000 Inner Diameter 12.50 mm Operating Temp. Range -55 ~+155?

It is a Brushless resolver with a highly reliable rotary measurement sensor. The principle of Smartsyn (resolver) is almost the same as that of a transformer. When it is excited by AC RMS voltage in the exciting winding (rotor), AC voltage is induced in the output winding (stator). Generally used for PM motors and servo motors.

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