Delta IP55 Fan and Pump Drive

 ● Multi-row display, Intuitive operation, user friendly operation interface

 ● Built-in PLC function 10k steps and Real Time Clock (RTC)

 ● 2 sets of PID controller functions

 ● Built-in Safe Torque Off (STO) SIL2 function

 ● Built-in MODBUS and BACnet MS/TP communication


  • Supply Type (Ø)

    3-Phase, 415V
  • KW

  • HP

  • Rated output current

KW 18.5KW HP 25HP Input Supply 3-Phase, 415V
Output Current 32Amp. Braking Chopper Built in up to 50HP Output Frequency (HZ) 0 to 599.00 Hz
PID Function Built in PLC Function Built-in PLC (10k steps) MODBUS COM Built in
CANopen Optional PROFIBUS DP Optional PROFINET Optional
DeviceNet Optional Modbus TCP Optional EtherNet/IP Optional
EtherCAT NA BACnet Optional PG Close Loop NA
KEYPAD Built in Detachable Control Mode 1: V / F (V / F control)
2: SVC (Sensorless Vector Control)
3: PM Sensorless
4: SynRM Sensorless (applied to 230 V / 460 V models)

● IP55 and IP41 enclosure protection

● Optional built-in mains switch for IP55 models

● Built-in EMC filter; IEC61800-3 C2, C1 standard

● Built-in DC reactor effectively lowers harmonic distortion; IEC61000-3-12 standard

● PCB (Printed Circuit Board) enhances drive durability; Class 3C3 standard

● Built-in application selections and a quick start function simplify installation and setup and save parameter setting time

● Fire mode provides PID control and a bypass alarm function that ensures uninterrupted drive operation to extract smoke, supply water, and balance pressure at the emergency exit Optional communication cards: PROFIBUS DP, DeviceNet, MODBUS TCP, EtherNet/IP, CANopen

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