Rolled Ball Screw

Rolled Ball Screw

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Rolled Ball Screw

HIWIN Rolled Ballscrews are made by a rolling process of the screw spindle instead of a grinding process.Rolled ball screws have benifit of low friction and smooth moment compare to other traditional ball screw mechanism.Rolled ballscrews use the same preload method as the precision ground ballscrews, except that there are some differences in the lead error definition and the geometric tolerance.

● High efficiency and reversibility

● Backlash elimination and high stiffness

● High lead accuracy

● Predictable life expectancy

● Low starting torque and smooth running

● Quietness

● Short lead time

● Advantages over hydraulic and pneumatic actuators


  • Lathe Machine-White

    Lathe Machine Automation

    Modern Technology makes future products using computer software, hardware and firmware in industry. Lathe machines are becoming more important in modernized industrialization and conventional Lathe machines are required to be retrofitted by advance semi-automatic control to get more accurate dimensions and irregular shapes. Developing and changing into semi-automatic need mechanical and electronics components to be replaced.Mehcanical side LUBI replaces Ball screws in place of Lead screws for better accuracy and removes some unnecessary components with Gear reducers. Electronic side it provides Spindle, AC Servo & Stepper motors driven by intelligent controller for efficient operation. While safety measure for human intervention is carried out by smart safety sensors.

  • veneer peeling machine

    Wood Veneer Peeling Machine

    Wood Veneer Peeling machine has been main equipment in Plywood production for splicing thin layer wooden sheets. Traditional machinery continues to find ways to meet the current environmental protection trends and to maximize the utilization of resources. Therefore, customer needs robust automation solution that offers excellent performance upgraded to servo spindle based operation for precision cutting carrying high load capacity with ensuring cost effective production. Comprehensive engineering carved by LUBI caters new generation automation products for feeder roller and cutter motor in veneer peeling equipment for accurate thickness of veneer enabling efficient production of high quality products.

  • Welding solution for Automative Industry

    Welding Solution For Automotive Industry

    The leading edge technology in welding application for automotive industry has become essential today making new combination of Auto body Parts. Innovative welding technique enables automotive manufacturer focus on welding process to joint lighter yet strong and fuel efficient vehicle parts employing lightweight materials. Welding solution of LUBI in automotive industry offers manufacturers flexible and sustainable welding development with the help of advance automation products and high precision mechanical parts for complex corrosive environments.

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