DOP-100 Series

DOP-100 Series

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DOP-100 Series HMI is designed using latest Cortex-A8 high speed processor and 65,536 color LCD display panel with high brightness and contrast. The DOP-100 Series is having various communication ports and Ethernet HMI support NTP (Network Time Protocol), FTP (File Transfer Protocol), E-Mail, VNC (Virtual Network Computing) and Remote Monitoring functions which is suited to meet customer requirements for cloud applications / smart manufacturing.

● Embedded Linux System – Open system for flexible and stable program development

● LUA Language — Simple and easy structural programming language to meet various demands

● Diagnostics Function — Collects and solves issues remotely

● Supports GIF Graphic Elements — Easy setting to play vivid GIF elements

● Supports PDF and TXT Reader — PDF and TXT files supported

● Multilingual Input –16 different languages input for easy operation

● Supports Different Printer Drivers — Dot Matrix, LaserJet, etc.

● Power Isolation — Protects the HMI from accidental surge interference

● Communication Isolation — COM and Ethernet ports with built-in isolation circuits enhance communication stability

● FTP/eMail Supported — Simple data transmission and real-time status report (Ethernet HMI)

● VNC Remote Monitoring — Remote control with mobile devices (Ethernet HMI)

● Multimedia Functions — Captures image with an external camera or replays important recordings (Multimedia Type Model)

● User Management — Supports 7 user levels and 20 accounts in each level with a complex password facility.

● Operational Log — Every activity of users can be logged in a non-editable format


4.3″ , 7.0″ 10.0″ 12″ & 15″




  • Vertical Foam Filling & Sealing

    Raised consumer demands in market makes OEMs imperative to upgrade their packaging machines for optimize packing process to achieve maximum machine speed with enhanced performance, premium quality packaging and at the same time keeping cost in control.LUBI’s packaging solution for VFFS machine with integrated products offers machine builders to compete in the market and meet various industry standards, reduces engineering efforts, improves machine performance and save development cost with reduced time to deliver product in market.

  • Heating,Ventilation and Conditioning

    HVAC is the Technology of indoor and Vehicular environmental comfort. The aim of such system is to provide thermal comfort and acceptable indoor air quality, especially important to medium and Large scale buildings such as offices, Residential Towers, Hotels and Malls, while it also plays wide role in specific industry where HVAC system control must applied like Dairy Plants, Cold Storages and Power Generation Plants. The system maintains safe and healthy conditions of buildings by regulating Temperature and Humidity using fresh air from outdoors. LUBI caters control panel solution with sustainable product integration to enhance performance and IoT enabled cloud base data monitoring software to control the environment of the space incorporated.

  • Delta Robot Automation

    The specific advantage provided by Delta Robots in many applications to achieve speed and efficiency makes essential for the companies looking to stay competitive. Automation of Delta robots helps industries to take leverage making use of its unique strengths and ability to execute minute, precise motions. The common industries ask the challenges they face in manufacturing process today and Delta robots improves the process to fill that gap. Multi axis motion controller optimized with high torque AC Servo motor provided by LUBI enables companies to achieve more positional accuracy and production throughput with the help of Delta robots.

  • RO Water Distribution System

    The water industry is one of the most remarkable industry undergoing many changes as demanding consistent approach and sustainable solution. Major Industry segment is involved in waste water processing, water purification with quality assurance and supply of drinking water in urban and rural area as well contributing reliable operation of water supply system.

    LUBI discovers flexible and innovative solutions offering Industry 4.0 products of approved partners for the growth of water industry. Comprehensive product portfolio for digitalization and automation driving technologies offered by LUBI are highly adapted to fulfill requirements of customers.

  • Horizontal Ball Mill

    Horizontal Ball Mill Grinding process aims to control particle size of the material and circulation of the load to ball mill with in objective limit respectively. Manufactures strives to achieve the goal for reduced energy consumption and High Production efficiency with stable and safe operation.

    With ample experience earned working in industry, Lubi offers energy optimized product oriented portfolio with Variable frequency drive to carry heavy load smoothly resulted in reducing input power demand of industries.

  • Rotary Corrugated Sheet Cutting Machine

    Safety of goods matters a lot for products taking care of its quality and making them ideal for transporting. Packaging material must be durable and providing stability which can be helpful when products are shipped long distanced and handled by warehouse. Corrugated cardboard known as fiberboard is perfect solution widely used by Industry for supply and logistics due to its varied thickness and job of wicking moisture away from products. Automation enables corrugated sheet manufacturer produce cardboards of any shape and size with multiple sheet layers for optimal handling and distribution in industry supply and logistics. Making of Cardboard must be with optimized length and reduced wastage, LUBI offers motion PLC for precise cutting and provides high frequency drives to carry heavy load of cutter in corrugated sheet industry for rotary cutting solution.

  • Air Compressor

    LUBI enables customer to more easily manage compressed system to further enhance the reliability and improve efficiency by integrating automation products. Industrial solution of LUBI caters all kind of products from sensor to AC drive through which you able to control flow and pressure control of centrifugal compressor, rotary compressor controllers, or compressor system. Our Automation products make efficient control cycle to help you visualize and optimize performance, lower energy consumption, and save your money.

  • Mercerizer Plant

    Mercerizer Plant in the Textile industry lead to improve the property of the fabric like luster, tensile strength, absorption of dyes, coverage of dead cotton, and dimensional stability. The many benefits that arise from normal mercerizing are, nevertheless, largely surface effects, particularly on woven fabrics. With enhanced product portfolio LUBI provides controlling of fabric throughout the plant with VFD, running in torque control mode for finished product passing through various processes controlled & monitored by PLC and HMI.

  • Biscuit Making Plant

    The emerging biscuit market demands fully or partially automatic production line, especially in developing industry segment where traditional process of biscuit making is still high. Biscuit manufacturers automating production line prefers scalable performance of operation and flexible packaging solution adaptable to various pack size, format and material for seasonal promotion and to adjust consumer demand. Innovative solution of LUBI for biscuit making plant enables manufacturers customized product integration of various processes tailored for diverse demands of targeted customers in market and allows producers to reduce operator errors and downtime through repeatable and programmable set-ups.

  • Concrete Batch Mixing Plant Application

    Infrastructure Industry always strive to complete project within a time frame and has found its way to concrete batch mix Plants. The main purpose of using a concrete batching plant is to produce homogenous and uniform concrete consistently in batches one after the other in the same proportions. The most important function performed by this plant is that it coats the aggregates with cement. It becomes necessary that the concrete batching plant must be efficient and speedy in order to complete a construction project as soon as possible.

  • Lathe Machine Automation

    Modern Technology makes future products using computer software, hardware and firmware in industry. Lathe machines are becoming more important in modernized industrialization and conventional Lathe machines are required to be retrofitted by advance semi-automatic control to get more accurate dimensions and irregular shapes. Developing and changing into semi-automatic need mechanical and electronics components to be replaced.Mehcanical side LUBI replaces Ball screws in place of Lead screws for better accuracy and removes some unnecessary components with Gear reducers. Electronic side it provides Spindle, AC Servo & Stepper motors driven by intelligent controller for efficient operation. While safety measure for human intervention is carried out by smart safety sensors.

  • Energy Management System

    Intrinsically in Home, Offices and Industries inefficient electrical equipment leads to energy wastage and create noise interference as well which reduces power quality. The key to cope up this challenge and increase efficiency is Energy Management System. LUBI carries the technology and solutions to mitigate the energy optimization issue which help to adapt changing electricity generation problems with enhanced energy efficiency and provide lower production cost & increased profit. LUBI offers integrated automation products for process control, energy measurement & cloud based IoT software systems designed with scalable architecture.

  • Wood Veneer Peeling Machine

    Wood Veneer Peeling machine has been main equipment in Plywood production for splicing thin layer wooden sheets. Traditional machinery continues to find ways to meet the current environmental protection trends and to maximize the utilization of resources. Therefore, customer needs robust automation solution that offers excellent performance upgraded to servo spindle based operation for precision cutting carrying high load capacity with ensuring cost effective production. Comprehensive engineering carved by LUBI caters new generation automation products for feeder roller and cutter motor in veneer peeling equipment for accurate thickness of veneer enabling efficient production of high quality products.

  • Pump Assembly Line Monitoring

    Automated Water Pump and Motor assembly line enhances production with efficient use of measurement instruments and reduces error of Data essential to categorise pump performance. To make production process more efficient and user friendly, the perfect objective of manufacturing process involves accurate use of scaled instruments, fast data routing to storage and enhanced production enables to absorb the most out of industry 4.0 and adapt revolutionary technologies. LUBI offers persistent Data monitoring of Water Pump assembly line manufacturing for analytics and storage of big Data, so that you can match the needs of your unified products and environments.

  • Welding Solution For Automotive Industry

    The leading edge technology in welding application for automotive industry has become essential today making new combination of Auto body Parts. Innovative welding technique enables automotive manufacturer focus on welding process to joint lighter yet strong and fuel efficient vehicle parts employing lightweight materials. Welding solution of LUBI in automotive industry offers manufacturers flexible and sustainable welding development with the help of advance automation products and high precision mechanical parts for complex corrosive environments.

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